The new charter 2020+ is optimised so companies can be even more effective in driving sustainability across the cleaning and hygiene industry.

Why join the new charter 2020+ ?

Relevant and responsive

Sustainable development is important and the Charter stimulates and guides sustainable progress.

Working towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals requires far-reaching and rapid action from all parts of society.

A.I.S.E. and companies in the cleaning and hygiene industry have long acted responsibly and proactively to reduce their environmental impact and contribute to the wellbeing of society.

The Charter for Sustainable Cleaning stimulates and guides this action. Launched in 2005, it has been regularly updated and has now been upgraded to be even more responsive and relevant, aligned with EU circular economy and plastics policy, climate change priorities and with global policy expectations.

Companies carrying the Charter marks on their products can therefore demonstrate to their value chain partners, stakeholders, customers and consumers that they are actively working towards these critical priorities.

Contributing to 14 out of the 17 UN SDGS, as well as EU circular economy & plastics strategy

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Complete and innovation-friendly

The Charter is the most complete sustainability scheme for steering best practice for the cleaning and hygiene industry.

Five reasons! The Charter:

  1. is science-based, risk-based and takes into account the entire life cycle
  2. encompasses company processes as well as product design standards and sustainable use guidance, inspired by the best available existing schemes while avoiding duplication
  3. targets the entire market to achieve maximum improvement
  4. now includes CSR guidance and further plastic packaging standards
  5. is innovation-friendly for the benefit of consumers, environment and society

The A.I.S.E. Charter for Sustainable Cleaning 2020+

For a full overview of the key Charter features, click here.

Proven and recognised

The Charter has a proven track record of delivering tangible improvements in environmental performance.

Since 2006, companies signed up to the Charter have cut energy use by 33% and carbon emissions by 40% per tonne produced, and have reduced packaging by 32% per consumer unit, all externally verified by the Charter auditors.

With over 90% of production tonnage in the EU+4 now covered by the Charter, this shows clearly that the industry has decoupled production from energy use and emissions.

Authorities and independent organisations such as ADEME in France, Germany’s Siegelklarheit, Switzerland’s and ISEAL alliance have recognised the Charter as a relevant and credible scheme.

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Modernised and appealing

Take a look at the new Charter marks: high impact and appealing, backed by extensive consumer testing.

Companies upgrading to the new Charter will have access to new, modernised marks, extensively tested with consumers to ensure that they are highly impactful and visually appealing.

All companies that commit to the Charter will be able to use the company Charter mark. Manufacturers who additionally meet the sustainability product standards can use the product Charter mark.

Consumers can be assured that products carrying the product mark meet high standards for environmental safety, minimise waste and provide clear and transparent information on how to use them in a more sustainable way.

Not only that, but they can be assured that it is a recognised label that meets the requirements of the ISO 14025 standard for Type III environmental labels and declarations.

This mark certifies that your organisation meets the Charter company sustainability standards in their manufacturing facilities.
The new mark certifies that your brand meets all Charter product sustainability standards, in addition to the manufacturing requirements.

Streamlined and engaging

The new Charter is streamlined and optimised to improve accessibility and offer added benefits to members.

The new Charter requires members to track and report on 8 KPI (previously 12), optimised and aligned with EU and global policy agendas.

To be more accessible to all companies, a set annual fee – proportionate to the size of the organisation - will apply. This will make the cost of participation in the scheme simple and cost efficient, allowing illimited use of the Charter marks in your portfolio.

Additional benefits include opportunities for members to provide input, share best practice and exchange on opportunities to support the successful delivery and promotion of the Charter towards customers and consumers.

Joining the new Charter for Sustainable Cleaning 2020+ is straightforward.

Click here for the full charter 2020+ documentation

  1. Request access to the Charter training area (HERE) and start “training”
  2. Pass successfully the Charter Entrance check
  3. Then, sign the commitment letter (HERE)
  4. Send it to A.I.S.E
  5. A.I.S.E. makes Charter 2020+ logos files available to your company
  6. Start preparing your products in line with Charter 2020+
  1. Sign the commitment letter (HERE)
  2. Send it to A.I.S.E
  4. Start preparing your products in line with Charter 2020+